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Content Management Systems

Take control of your website content with Drupal to make sophistication effortless. Is it simple to use? Yes. Does it scale? Yes. Will it let me post in Comic-sans? No. No, it won't do that. Find out more.

Website Production & Deployment

Soda has been making quality websites since the days of tables, 28k modems and 256 colours*. Today we use HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery, but the goal is the same - pixel perfect, hand-coded design.
* We don't use tables anymore

Q&A (Quality Assurance)

You can't control what your visitors arrive in - some drive BMWs while others drive Yugos (we're looking at you IE). We test extensively in IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera to make sure everyone sees the same website.


Visual Design

Soda Design is committed to a simple, elegant approach to design, whatever the medium. We firmly believe that clean visual solutions are immediately understandable and innately compelling.


We guide you through a comprehensive approach to material and form. More than simply a font, logo or colour system, identity is a unified and coherent language for visually communicating who you are. 

Advertising and Promotional Materials

Material, context and message must all be aware of and inform one another. We approach every medium with an eye to the goals of the product and strengths of the format; a website is not a print layout and a brochure is not a catalogue. We understand the difference and make sure your customers will too.


Social Media

Get plugged into the same networks as your customers. More than just having a Twitter and Facebook account, we show you how to incorporate social media effectively, driving quality traffic to your site and keep them coming back.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Soda can help you leverage online communications as simple as email campaigns or as sophisticated as personalized web experiences for your customers.

Ongoing Content Management

You're only as good as your last update. But who has the time? We do. We provide post-launch maintenance and support to leave you free to do what you do best.